A&Z Shipping Agency was founded November 2002 by the two young but experienced founders who are Zafer Isik and Anil Bekce in Gemlik. After their hard working experience which was built in shipping agencies within more than 17 years, they were asked to open up their own Shipping Agency.

Later on their long term business partners asked A&Z Shipping Agency to open a branch in Izmit Bay,in order to get same reliable service in Izmit Ports for their vessels like in Gemlik Ports.And again, an expanding volume of our business was required to open the branch office in Iskenderun. Then, A&Z SHIPPING AGENCY started to providing agency services at all ports of Iskenderun Gulf since begining of 2010.

Anil Bekce moved to Izmit to establish new branch in may 2004. Since than we serve in all Izmit ports to our friends vessels with the intention of the best service.

A&Z Shipping also able to acts as ships agentsfor vessels calling almost all the Ports around the Turkish Seas for bulk shipping services, documentation and customs clearance without disappointing any of our friend’s expectations.
Our Agency has built its excellent international reputation on delivering what it promises, yet we will never promise what we can not or will not deliver-that is essential in our commitment towards clients.
Our strength is our love to our job. We love to wake up to start new adventure and meet with new friends from many different cultures and nationalities every day.

We know very well that every each vessel’s arrival is beginning of a new adventure in a positive way. We look forward to meet with new cultures and nationalities to share all our positive energy with the sense of duty to our good vessels stay in Gemlik or Izmit Ports.

Every each vessel comes and goes with many different stories which we would like to take part of it.

Also our company supported by its very loyal and hardworking employees all well educated, trusted and experienced in their operational fields since the birth of the A&Z.

Our customers are our friends that we would not dare to loose them.
Don’t deprive your vessel of the best and reliable service in Turkish Ports.